Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Apocalypse is coming!

Nuggets in the Biblical Greek (me) and Word for Life in Love (Stephen Brown) have joined forces to bring you a comprehensive study on The Revelation of John.  
The study will include: 
  • A new translation from the original Greek
  • Insight into Greek phrases, words, and sentences
  • Allusions to the Old Testament (The key to understanding the Book)
  • Understanding the different views of the imagery
  • Variant readings
  • 1st century culture and influence
  • How all of the above helps in interpreting the text
The study (blogs) will begin on May 2nd.   Until then, there will be several blogs released on topics on the book.  They will include an introduction, outlines, different views of interpretation, themes, places, written date, consulted works, and authorship.
So why now?
Since the creation of this blog, my blogs on Revelation have been read more (by almost double) than my other blogs.  Due to the present "times", there is a huge interest in this book (letter).  I’ve been approached a few times about blogging on it, so I’m now “giving in” so to speak, but “giving in” is good and it is the right time to do so.
The study will be a lot of fun and we encourage feedback.
We thank you in advance for your support!


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