Friday, December 10, 2010

Mark 4:33-34, The Use of Parables (The Study of Mark)

     33 And he was speaking1 the word to them with many parables such2 as these, in as much as they were able to understand3. 34 And he was not speaking to them without4 a parable. But privately, he was explaining5 all things to his own disciples. Mark 4:33-34


This passage concludes the series of parables found in 4:1-32.  Basically, it is a general "wrap up" for verses 4:1-32.

1 ἐλάλει (he was speaking)

The imperfect tense suggest a “continual” or an “over and over” again aspect here. This aspect is used throughout the passage; “he was speaking”, “he was not speaking”, and “he was explaining”.

2 τοιαύταις παραβολαῖς πολλαῖς (with many parables such as these

Greek: “with many such parables”.

3 ἀκούειν (to understand) 

Greek: “to hear”.

4 χωρὶς (without) 

Or “apart from”.

5 ἐπέλυεν (he was explaining)

Greek: “he was releasing” or “he was untying”.  A very interesting way to put “explaining”.

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