Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Introduction to Revelation Part 5e, Methods of Interpretation (The Study of the Apocalypse)

This blog concludes the focus on the different methods of interpreting the Apocalypse.  The 5th one is the Eclectic view.  The study will start with chapter 1 on May 2nd.
The eclectic view combines all of the strengths of the previous views; mostly the preterist, the idealist, and the futurist.
The view can vary, but for the most part, this view allows for the images in the Apocalypse to be present in the 1st century, during the church age of the last 1900 years, and in the future at the end.  This makes the most sense and is the view put forth in this study.  The 1st century events parallel repeated historical events before the church age, repeated events over time of the church age (war, famine, death, persecution), and ultimately parallel the final end.  In this way, the book becomes pertinent to all ages of the church and sheds light on God’s total redemptive plan.
  Osborne*** (Pgs. 21-22).
***Revelation (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament) Grant R. Osborne

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